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Wrapping up my final week of my “virtual” nutrition care process rotation. Luck…

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▫️ Wrapping up my final week of my “virtual” nutrition care process rotation. Luckily, my fiance was so nice to let me perform my Nutrition Focused Physical Exam on him. 😉
▫️I start my clinical rotations at the hospital next week and I am excited and anxious about it.

▫️Not going to lie, I love working from home. From time to time, being on meetings all day with 37 interns who are all so smart and talented and outgoing, it can be really intimidating, especially if you’re a perfectionist or high-achiever. It’s hard not to question yourself and compare yourself to others. But I just have to remind myself that I am very fortunate to be around all of these smart, high-achieving people with the same goal as me.
▫️We all have things in common and we all have things that set us apart from one another. Dietetics is such a huge field with opportunities across all different work settings. I am so fortunate to have this internship and at the end of it all and after the BIG EXAM, I will reach the highest goal I have ever set for myself and get to work my DREAM JOB. ‼️‼️‼️😬☺️

▫️Good luck to all of the other interns out there. It’s been super overwhelming with so many projects, due dates, assignments, exams, presentations, and so on and it’s only going to get more challenging. But it will all be worth it!

6 thoughts on “Wrapping up my final week of my “virtual” nutrition care process rotation. Luck…

  1. Keep up the great work Brooke! You are amazing, smart, beautiful and empathic. You will do great things ♥️♥️. I’m sure some of those interns are thinking the same about you! 😘

  2. so excited to be in the same intern class together! we really do have a great group. can’t wait to go through this crazy rewarding experience with you!💓

  3. So. Wry proud and happy for you because I know you are doing something you love and have seriously built your life around this! Can’t wait to see how far you will go! ❤️

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