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Plant-Based Protein I threw this together in a rush the other morning before wo…

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▫️Plant-Based Protein ‼️
▫️I threw this together in a rush the other morning before work because I needed a quick lunch with some protein. All it is is rinsed organic garbanzo beans seasoned with the best seasoning 😊 Swipe ➡️
▫️This gave me about 2-3 servings and cost about $3 total including the seasoning.
▫️I often hear people say that eating healthy is too expensive, but there’s so many options out there – like this quick little meal. You can always mix other things in as well like tomatoes, olives, feta, cucumber, etc.
▫️Happy Wednesday and remember to get your protein in. If you are curious about your protein needs, use the formula 0.8g protein per kg of body weight. Just covert your weight in lbs to kg (use google! Very easy) and multiply by 0.8
▫️*disclaimer: you may need more protein depending on your lifestyle/health status! Speak to a registered dietitian if you have any questions!