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Breakfast Oatmeal – high protein oatmeal -banana -blueberries -peanut butte…

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▫️Breakfast Oatmeal ☕️
– kodiakcakes high protein oatmeal
-banana 🍌
-blueberries 🔵
-peanut butter 🥜
-chia seeds
▫️Hit my protein, plant-based carbohydrates (fruit, oats), and healthy fats (PB, chia seeds)! Starting out my day with a powerful meal💪🏼
▫️Enjoying my only day off until next week. Work hard, move, sleep, and feed your body healthy, plant-based foods. Happy Wednesday everyone😊

1 thought on “Breakfast Oatmeal – high protein oatmeal -banana -blueberries -peanut butte…

  1. I seriously love to see what you’re making next. You’re so good! I really am so proud of you. Who else does this? I know you truly enjoy what you do and it makes me so happy. Keep inspiring all of us! ❤️

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